Watching the Historic Inauguration

My coworkers and I watched Barack Obama’s inaugertation from the comfort of our large conference room, thanks to a laptop, projector, and the Internet. It was a very touching ceremony and it was nice to watch with a group.

My favorite quote:

“Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real, they are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this America: They will be met.”

Second, is from my mom:

“In my 64 years, I’ve never been more proud of our country and hopeful for positive change that will touch us all. If it’s possible to be near a TV at noon today, as history is being made, please try to watch and listen as I will be doing. “

Thanks, Mom! That inspired us to hook up the projector.

That Obama…he’s Baracktacular!

Ladders Like The Recession

On Friday a few coworkers and I found ourselves amid a big drink up for all the employees of The Ladders. They played their new commecials on all the bar TVs and the CEO banged a gong. It seemed like a good time, but it also felt like 1999 and the dotcom era. You have to wonder what follows a high advertising/party burn rate.

Steelers 2009!

Every year my mom gets me a new Steelers calendar for Christmas. I just got around to hanging up this year’s the day after the Black and Gold demolished the Chargers to make it to the AFC Playoffs. Go Stillers, beat the Ravens!

PS Thanks, Mom!

Better than taco night…gordita night!

Taco Bell makes a concoction known as the Gordita Crunch, which I unfortunately eat once a month. The magic of the dish is the soft tortilla glued to a crunchy taco, which provides more structural stability. You get the crunchiness without the typical exploding mess in your palm that hard tacos normally create.

At home we periodically have taco night, but last night we stepped it up to Gordita Night!. I ate five, but because we use lean beef and Fage yogurt for sour cream, I’m probably still ahead in the count compared to if I’d hit the Bell. Yum.

Tilt Shift!

“Tilt shifting” is using special lenses or software to create an effect that makes photos of real scenes look like models. My Robot Friend scored a whole movie of cool tilt shift.

There is a new site that let’s you easily play with tilt shifting:

Using that site, I created today’s shot from a pic of a turned over truck I took in Flagstaff, Arizona. I also tried it with one of my mom’s antique postcards:

Wopsy Train Model?

This is the coolest thing since the Rasterbator! Thanks, Internet.

Diet of Sickies

It’s only a week or so into 2009 and I’ve already failed one of my resolutions, to blog more. I’m home sick with strep throat, to the thankfulness of my wary coworkers. I have stuck to some of the other resolutions though, like #2 being nice, #13 visiting a doctor, and #7 read more.

Today’s shot is my diet of healing. Olive oil in everything. Fruit. Chicken by products. Lots of acetominaphen. And plenty of MEGA MAN.

I’m blissfully home on my couch after two days of working through the sickness. My throat is almost to the point where I can swallow without wanting to punch a wall. It’s day 2 of 10 on the anti-biotics should help me get back on the path to being a 2009 uber-mensch.

New Year’s Bash

Here are the photos from our New Year’s Eve party. Originally it was going to be just a few couples from south Brooklyn just sitting around. Instead, we got our entire building involved, a ton of neighbors, and a bunch of friends. There was a mountain of food and drink, and a half dozen frantic toddlers bouncing around. We watched the fireworks at midnight and stayed up until there was no more booze. Thanks to all for coming!

New Year’s Eve – December 31, 2008