Diet of Sickies

It’s only a week or so into 2009 and I’ve already failed one of my resolutions, to blog more. I’m home sick with strep throat, to the thankfulness of my wary coworkers. I have stuck to some of the other resolutions though, like #2 being nice, #13 visiting a doctor, and #7 read more.

Today’s shot is my diet of healing. Olive oil in everything. Fruit. Chicken by products. Lots of acetominaphen. And plenty of MEGA MAN.

I’m blissfully home on my couch after two days of working through the sickness. My throat is almost to the point where I can swallow without wanting to punch a wall. It’s day 2 of 10 on the anti-biotics should help me get back on the path to being a 2009 uber-mensch.

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